Seeing Stars

Creating Augmented Reality tools for engaging education and tourism experiences.

Hiamo was approached by a tourism operator within a Dark Sky reserve who was looking to solve a problem; what do visitors do when clouds block the night sky? Our answer was to bring the stars to earth.

We used augmented reality to create an interactive 3D presentation, which complemented their existing in-person tour of the heavens. This idea behind this mix of real and digital teaching was to create a unique experience for potential visitors, one which they would learn from and remember for the rest of their lives.

The Hiamo team also went to fundraiser for Martinborough's new water park, volunteering at Glow in the Park and letting families learn and engage with the stars by seeing and interacting with models of the planets through our application.

Using AR, we were able to increase engagement with space, create exciting experiences for visitors, and demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in the education and tourism spaces.