Continuing the Mission


The first month of 2019 done and dusted!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful New Years and an enjoyable summer break.

While we will miss the road trips, food comas and sleep-ins, we at Hiamo are looking forward to what 2019 has in store. We have also been working some of the brilliant students from ICT Graduate School in Wellington who have offered their expertise and skills to transform our app UI into something more polished. Look out for our sneak peeks in the upcoming weeks!

We've spent this January practising our mission and have been reconnecting ourselves with historic landmarks around NZ. We've travelled to Matiu / Somes Island where we explored the gun emplacements left from the WWII anti-aircraft batteries while also appreciating the amazing views of Wellington from the summit.

We then headed down to Lyttelton's Godley Head coastal defence batteries where we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with an actual operating 3.7-inch gun restored by the Godley Head Heritage Trust amongst the other impressive remnants.

We concluded our heritage journey by revisiting the site that began our interest with coastal defence and bringing lost objects and stories to life; Fort Dorset at the Oruaiti Reserve in Wellington. It has been a very exciting and rewarding journey for Hiamo so far and it was nice to take some time to revisit some of these monumental landmarks and look back at what has motivated us to create and innovate.

It is always worth revisting important places that have been landmarks for your journey, and we hope that you all get the same opportunities!

We look forward to updating you more about our upcoming work and development, so as always we will keep you up to date on our social media channels.